Ready to host your own TV show?

Do you have an idea for a great show? Have you ever thought, I would love to be on Television?  This could be for you.  You can have your own TV show on Digital Vegas Television Networks. Any type: Music, Talk, Sports, Comedy, Entertainment, whatever. If you have a show or have been thinking of doing a show, we would like to talk with you.  Weekly, Every Two Weeks, or Monthly, we can feature your show to the world "On Demand".

Stop keeping all of your great knowledge to yourself.   Turn your content into a professional, engaging show that can be enjoyed by your clients and prospects.

Up to a 30 minute video produced by Digital Vegas Television Networks.  Your own weekly to monthly on demand TV show includes…

  • Weekly or monthly show On Demand with your own channel listing on our network and KCEP power 88 website.
  • Worldwide distribution on social networks, websites, and smart devices like Roku and Apple TV.
  • Recorded promos for your show for various social media platforms.
  • A custom created Show Opener.
  • Green screen or live set option
  • 100% show ownership for repurposing show to host’s socials, other sites, platforms.
  • Unlimited worldwide viewers!